August 27, 2015

A revamped website!

Hi folks, we are continually looking for ways to improve here at recycle creative. We felt that the old website was a bit drab, so in the last few weeks we have been working hard with website designer Sci Anderson at 76 Creative, to create an online store that truly reflects our brand, and makes for a more enjoyable shopping experience for you. We have added a "manifesto" page for you to read if you would like to know a little bit more about our philosophy and the challenges of making goods from waste materials. There is also a new FAQ section with important information about warranty, shipping, and returns, and the product pages have been revamped to give you more product angles, as well as a more streamlined checkout experience.  Anyway, we hope you like it!  Please let us know your thoughts via email or social media. We always respond to any queries as soon as possible and love hearing from you.

In the coming days, and to celebrate the launch of our new site,  we will be running a Facebook competition offering lots of free goodies. Watch out for it at the Recycle Creative Facebook Page.  

You might have noticed a few products out of stock. We are expecting a new shipment from Thailand next week! Our partners in Chiang Mai are busy creating products right now, including some new ones that we will be featuring very soon. Watch this space and give us a yell if you have any product ideas of your own that you would like us to make.