September 30, 2015

Top ten uses for the Wash Bag


The Wash Bag is a truly versatile recycled product.

Basically its a box with a zipper so you can use it to store all manner of things. I thought that a list of its top ten uses would be a good way to get the brain cells firing this morning so this is my list. If you can think of a better or different use for these bags then please let me know. I would love to hear about it.

 recycle creative box toiletry bagWell, its pretty obvious really but still this bag is particularly suited to life as a men's or women's wash bag, especially with its splash resistant recycled rubber skin. 



box toiletry bag for headphones and cablesPictured here with Sony MDR-XB450 headphones, there is plenty of room for rechargers, external drives, and other cables. Perfect for Travelling.






recycle creative box toiletry bag first aid kitA perfect size for a mobile first aid kit. Easy to carry and access should the need arise, there is room for essential first aid items such as bandages and pharmaceuticals. If out in the wilderness, the inner tube skin will keep everything nice and dry.  




 Travel with kids can be chalrecycle creative box toiletry bag legolenging to say the least. Why not fill up a box bag with lego to put in your hand luggage and keep the little ones busy while you contemplate an 8 hour wait for your connecting flight!





 recycle creative box toiletry bag lunch boxHey why not? The box bag is an ideal size for packing one's daily luncheon. We have plans to develop this idea a bit more in the future so watch out for our new purpose built version.





recycle creative box toiletry bag pencil caseYou can pack pretty much all of your stationery needs into the wash bag. Great for students, there is room for a calculator, stapler, tape, scissors, and a multitude of writing tools (ie pens and pencils).





recycle creative box toiletry bag sewing kitWe use these bags to keep ourselves organised with materials and implements for making recycled products. Thread in one and zippers in another, the bags are not only great for storage but are so easy to carry and near impossible to damage.




recycle creative box toiletry bag tennis ball bagOK, this might sound a bit silly, but did you know that you can fit ten tennis balls in one of these box bags? Imagine how many golf balls you could get in there? Wait, I have to go and find that out ...right now!





recycle creative box toiletry bag tool kitGood for smaller tools and often used items such as spanners, screwdrivers and allen keys. Handy to have nearby when getting a delivery of flatpack furniture or for changing a gas bottle over...I keep one in the kitchen as it saves having to go to the workshop and sift through a large toolbox.  



recycle creative box toiletry bag travel document pouchIf you are a paranoid traveller like me then you are constantly checking to see make sure you haven't misplaced any important travel documents. The wash bag is ideal for keeping all that stuff in the one place and within easy reach. Put your phone and wallet in there for safekeeping too.