We source reclaimed materials and partner with talented craftspeople to produce upcycled bags and accessories.

Recycle Creative comes from an idea to create a socially and environmentally mindful manufacturing and retail business. 

The focus is not only on the reuse of waste materials to create high quality recycled products, but extends to acting in a responsible and respectful way towards our manufacturing partners and customers. The founders,Tik and James have spent a lot of time in and around the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand, and during this time have observed the innovative and adaptive nature of the people. They have identified a need to support and encourage talented craftspeople to consider making greater use of available reclaimed materials. This would appear to make business sense given the rise of the ethical consumer and in particular sustainable fashion. It is hoped that Recycle Creative can offer a platform to such people and allow them to showcase their upcycled offerings to a  broader market.